This Post Connects God and Prayer to Beer. Hmmm.

This is what’s been on my mind, of late:  How often God answers my prayers, and how directly.

I’m not talking about big gigantic World Peace // Cure Cancer kinds of prayers (although He’s done some rather remarkable big things in my life). I’m talking about tiny little ones I lob up with hardly a conscious thought.

Wouldn’t it be great if Eliza stayed with us when we’re in Barcelona?
(Her dorm air conditioning goes out.)

I wish Madrid weren’t so hot in July. What on earth will I wear?
(I wore a sweatshirt. Check it out–we were there on the 19th.)

Too bad we won’t have time to grab a beer at the Atlanta airport. I sure loved that yummy Chicago IPA we discovered on the way over.
(Flight delayed, missed connection, opening up just enough time to clear Customs and get a beer.)

Silly examples, yes. But the point is the Universe rearranged just a bit each time to bring me just what I said I wanted.

weary travelers, happy beer drinkers
weary travelers, happy beer drinkers

Tiny little developments that altered what I had planned—ARRGGHHHHHHH  THE FLIGHT IS DELAYED!—but then, when I looked all the way through them, turned out to be the thing it took to bring about what I asked for. 

Crazy? Maybe.

But here’s where this is going.

The next few times a little unexpected bump occurs in my world, I’m going to acknowledge it. And then I’m going to look deep into it and through it and around it to see just what that shift allowed in my life. (Or didn’t.)

I’ll bet what happens is extraordinary.

Join me? I hope so. And I hope you’ll let me know just what you discover.


We may be on to something here. Don’t you think?




2 thoughts on “This Post Connects God and Prayer to Beer. Hmmm.

  1. Yes you are on to something. I have found it happening often – especially if you are mind full and as my friend Charle says “leave space”.

    1. I’ve just never noticed how it’s usually the inconvenience or change of plans that brings about the little thing you actually wanted. What a wonderful world this is!

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