March Madness

There’s been a grand competition the past couple of weeks at the WECO building–the space our firm, Riggs Partners, shares with our friends from Truematter. It’s the 2015 WECO Bracket Challenge with predictions on this year’s college basketball championship.

Serious competition


I know nothing about college basketball and did not participate. (This didn’t stop many of my co-workers, and may I just say I applaud their aplomb.) But my favorite, by far, came from the newest member of the RP family. There’s a good chance you are already familiar as she is the brains and brawn behind the wildly popular blog Refashionista. I didn’t have to work with her for long to learn Jillian Owens has a beautiful way of looking at things that turns them upside down–and in the best way possible.

Check out her entry in the Bracket Challenge.

ice cream

It made me giggle. And for that I say thank you, Jillian!

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