I’d like to introduce you to Mother, the grande dame of our mountain property. From the moment I saw her I knew she would be a fierce spirit guide for my adjoining studio.

How grateful I am for her abiding presence. I am awed by her fortitude; fascinated by her wizened shape; amazed at her faithfulness as she continues to sprout tender green shoots each Spring.

Even now, in this harshest of seasons, Mother stands by. Resilient. Proud. Unrelenting in the face of winter here in these ancient mountains. 




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6 thoughts on “Mother.

  1. She adds character. Makes me not want to climb stairs, instead she could get me up. And I will even bet a bear or two have honed skills in that tree!

  2. The fortitude of Nature
    Her beauty, grace & strength
    May it bless us all & keep us focused on what is good, pure & worth the fight.

    xo c

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