Day 12: For Those Who Still Believe

I’ve known of the project for a while–he spent months and months and months working on it, and once completed, invited us over for our first viewing.

It is an incredible work of art. Tim and I marveled at his imagination, his ingenuity, his skill. My brother had built this North Pole Village, you see, built it in his dining room, complete with ice skaters and a ski slope and all the things with no kit or instructions or anything, really, but a great curiosity to figure it out.

So happy he did!

but a small slice of the entire thing
uh oh. skater down!
William, making a little adjustment


(Yes, that’s The Polar Express train circling through the village!)


30 Days of Joy


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8 thoughts on “Day 12: For Those Who Still Believe

    1. Think of you guys so much, especially during the holidays.And sweet, Helen, too. I have the angels she gave me in the bedroom where I see them and remember her with so much love. XXOO to both of you!

  1. Well, obviously the creative genes run rampant in your family, Cathy. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Tell brother William congratulations – it’s fascinating!!

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