Haleakala #surprisinghawaii

You gotta wanna see something in the worst way to get up at 3am to drive your rental car (in the dark) up a mountain (severe curves) with cliff edges (closing my eyes) and no guard rails (i’m on the floor). But that’s what’s required if you wanna see the sun rise from Maui’s highest peak, Haleakala, at 10,023 feet.

It’s also cold up there, I might mention, something you don’t generally consider when packing for a Hawaiian vacation.

But oh the rewards.

First, there is the night sky. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to the stars, and the hour we spent standing at the peak in the dark was as phenomenal as the promised sunrise. Wow.

Then this happened.


haleakala 1










It took a while to realize the horizon we could see in in the distance was not land or sea, but clouds. We were watching the sun rise from above the clouds.




it’s like being outside the airplane


A view of the Pacific from the opposite side of the summit pretty much sums it up. The dark point you see lying across the bay is a shadow.


the mountain’s shadow


We stayed for a while, unable to take it all in.


our shadows take in Haleakala’s


Oh Haleakala. You did not disappoint–even if that drive very nearly put me over the edge!




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Warm Hearts of January

There are many things I love wildly. But these are the two on my mind right now:

  1. My cousin Meg (of the gigantic heart), who inspires me in a hundred million ways, not the least of which is her monthly Smilebox slideshow.
  2. Instagram, and playing along with the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day prompts.

And so I’ve decided to follow Meg’s lead and share my photo journey the end of each month here on The Daily Grace. I hope you will enjoy–and most of all, I hope you will get in on the fun!


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All Creatures Great and Small

Tiger, at the manger
Tiger, at the manger

A few years ago I made one last sweep through the dining room to turn off the lights and found our cat, Tiger, sitting among the animals at the manger. I didn’t touch a thing before snapping this photo—he had jumped to the table and positioned himself among the animals without knocking a single lamb or camel or Wise Man to the ground.

Christmas is a time of miracles.

Peace, love and joy to you as today, we celebrate the coming of light to the world!


Day 11: Lovelies!

First there was graduation.

eliza grad

Then there was a party. It was filled with Eliza’s lovelies.


They’re so fun!

girls 4

girls 3






30 Days Of Fun III

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Day 14: Waiting

It was a quiet little line in the sermon on Sunday, one that floated lightly across the sanctuary and landed right on top of my heart.

The wait is almost over Dr. Mike said, the Christ child is coming.

The wait, it said as it settled there.

The wait? is what I really thought. When has there been a single moment of wait in this hectic holiday season? 


I remember making the pronouncement to Eliza and Tim the very day she got home from college for Christmas break. Here’s my goal, I said boldly. I am going to have everything decorated, bought, wrapped, shipped, and baked before Christmas this year. I am going to get it all done so I actually have time to sit for a quiet moment to enjoy it all.

They looked at me like I was crazy, both of them.

This year is going to be different, I said.


And so you can see why the sermon hit me in a very deep place, delivered, as it was, with miles to go and only four days until Christmas. How could I find Advent? Beautiful, gentle Advent–a time meant for watching, and yes, waiting. Where could I find that quiet space?

Well, God took care of it for me on this cold, misty Christmas Eve Eve.


the colors of Advent, on Bickley’s Pond 12.23.14


30 Days of Joy 



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Day 10: Keeping Watch

You’ve probably heard me speak of this before, the change that came over me once I “met” Winn Collier via Rick Stillwell via Twitter three years ago. In one of his many fabulous posts, Winn suggested we watch for the light during the dark days of Advent.

For me it has become a spiritual practice, one that both calms and opens my heart during this joyful, hectic, (sometimes) overwhelming time of year.

The promise is there. Let’s keep watch.

on Bickley's Pond
on Bickley’s Pond


I invite you to join me as we make our way through these last 10 days of Advent. If you are so inclined, join the gathering on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #WatchingforLightTDG.


30 Days of Joy



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