30 Days of Fun: Day Four

What was originally Bickley’s Pond is right behind our house. Although I’ve only known it as Sterling Lake (as it has been named since a developer bought the property and, well, developed it), I still can’t get used to the name. Bickley’s is much better.

I have washed many a dish looking out at that pond through a large kitchen window I insisted be drawn into our house plans. There is always something going on: the diligent beaver criss-crossing, criss-crossing the water; a Mama and a Daddy protectively raising their all-we-do-is-eat Canada Goose babies; the renegade childless goose couple that’s always causing a stir.

Tonight, just before dark, my sweet husband took me, my camera, and our precious little dog Little Bit for a paddle around the pond. I love getting out on that water, discussing vitally important matters like how far the water level is down, or exactly how Tim lost a lure in an errant cast last week. I love how it changes the perspective of my life.

It was the perfect way to ease into the sunset of Day Four.







(My 30 Days of Fun is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Mighty Girl.)