30 Days of Fun: Day Eight

Tim and Little Bit, doing their thing

The same thing happens every night. At 10pm, just as our third consecutive episode of Frasier comes on, my husband announces:

“Time to walk The Bit!”

Little Bit, the most perfect little rescue dog in the world, leaps from the sofa—where she has been sleeping soundly for two hours—and races to the front door, ready for the very best part of her day: a one mile night time walk, just before beddy-bye.

I love my husband for doing this, night after night after night, rain or snow, through the late night dark of our neighborhood. I love him for never making me feel guilty for not joining them.

But my 30 Days blog exercise is all about consciously adding a little fun to my summer life, day by day. So last night I announced: “For Day Eight, I’m going to go on the night time walk with you and Little Bit. That will be fun! But let’s go now, before it gets so dark.” (aka: too close to my bedtime)

And off we went, we three, for a delightful stroll. It was relaxing to spend that quite time with my husband, in the great outdoors, talking about things of little consequence. And it was interesting to view The Neighborhood through the eyes of my little dog: excitement around every turn, an endless string of lawns to be marked, wildflowers to be smelled, sprints to be run.

30 Days of Fun is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Mighty Girl.