30 Days of Fun: Day Fifteen

Have you been to the Nickelodeon lately? I have, twice. In Two Days. To see the same movie.

First, my friend Pam and I joined a group from Downtown Church for a viewing of the Terrence Malick film Tree of Life. Downtown promised an “interesting film provoking questions of faith,” while Nickelodeon director Andy Smith likened the film to “visual poetry.” It did not disappoint.

Amos poses a question to the group

Following the film, a group of about 40 folks gathered next door at Immaculate Consumption for dinner and discussion, led by Downtown’s Amos Disasa. There were a thousand things to say about this haunting story that questions the presence of God in our troubled lives. The most poignant to me, now in my journal:

I vow to pray more bravely, to ask bigger questions.

After thinking about this powerful film all night, and into the next day, my most swell and exceptionally talented apprentice Kathryn and I set out for viewing #2 at the Nick. Without the tension of storyline worry, I found the second viewing more beautiful, more conclusive.

God is there. I believe.

30 Days of Fun is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Mighy Girl.