30 Days of Fun: Day Nineteen








1. Laundry, seven loads

2. Tons of my child is heading to college in 20 days paperwork

3. An out of control closet (Why is it that one little indiscretion—leaving a pair of brown pants on the closet floor because they really didn’t work with that white eyelit top after all—leads to, one week later—complete closet chaos?)

4. A rose garden that knows you have really just given up

5. Menu planning, grocery shopping and (at a minimum) prep work for Sunday lunch for eight

6. Chapter Six bible study (haven’t started chapter one)

7. Three thank-you notes

8. Ironing, endless

9. Stuff growing in the fridge. Seriously.

10. Time to read!

All abandoned, for an afternoon floating in our neighbors’ new pool.

All because I thought: Floating carefree in a pool sounds like fun. And my sweet Eliza will be there 🙂

(And so will Sully!)







30 Days of Fun is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Mighty Girl.