Day 17: The Day My Heart Soared

Who knew one little tweet could make your heart soar?

But that’s just what happened to me, this afternoon. Here’s the tweet:

@mariashriver tweets to @cathymonetti






As you can see, it is to me (@cathymonetti) from my hero, Maria Shriver (@mariashriver). She was acknowledging a letter I wrote to her that was posted on the Talk About Giving blog (via the Central Carolina Community Foundation) this morning.

I greatly admire Maria. I think hers is a shining example of a Life Well Lived, and it makes me beyond happy to know I was able to reach her with a message that came from deep in my heart.

The fact that she reached back? It made for a sweet, sweet, grace-filled moment. I am sure God was watching, and I think He smiled.

30 Days of Grace

4 thoughts on “Day 17: The Day My Heart Soared

  1. I love Maria, too, and remember this episode of Oprah clearly. She introduced me on that day to the motto I now claim as my own: “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” So, seeing this tweet, all I can say is WOW. Just wow.

  2. I know they’ve split, but maybe they could come over some time. Arnold and could do a little P90X workout!

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