The Very Best Days of the Year

The days the Miller sisters visit the office are the very best. They’re joyful, they’re stylish, and they always bring with them the most interesting things in their back packs.

For instance, Eva travels with her own computer (pink). She also wears cowboy boots (pink), and sometimes a cowboy hat (pink).

Helen, on the other hand, whipped this sock puppet right out of nowhere.

She also always packs a magic wand in her purse. I respect that.

See? Helen and the magic wand, from a previous visit
















This past Wednesday, Eva and Helen were clearly in the Christmas spirit when they visited us at the WECO. They happily skipped off to the Green Room for a little dry erase action on our brainstorming wall while their Mom and I had a quick meeting. In no time they came running, ready to Ta Da their new artwork Right That Very Moment.

We weren’t disappointed. In fact, I was so inspired by Eva’s creation I’ve decided to start a new series just for the holidays.

original art, in dry erase, by Eva Miller

I hope you will come along.


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