Day 1: Sasanquas, and the Yuletide

Early, and unexpected, my first bit of holiday joy came peaking over the kitchen windowsill Thanksgiving morning. There’s nothing I love more than greeting the sunshine of a new day from that spot—the birds hop from the bare oak to the feeder and back again; the squirrels scamper about as if winter is on its way. This particular morning, a surprising spot of pink caught my eye as I gazed beyond the window toward the pond.

What is that? I wondered, leaning forward for a better look at the blossoms hiding there. Sure enough, right there under my nose, the most glorious Sasanqua Camillia, fully in bloom.

I don’t remember having ever noticed this bush, not in the four years we’ve lived in this house. Perhaps I haven’t looked. Or maybe this just happens to be the right time, this particular November, for that Sasanqua to have finally reached a height that brought it into my view. Whatever the reason, I am rejoicing.

I got lost among its blooms, my camera and I, and decided right then: I will keep a bowl of blooms on my desk as long as there are blooms this winter. And while this varietal doesn’t officially qualify, I shall nonetheless refer to this holiday season as the Yuletide. In honor of the Sasanqua Yuletide, yes. And also because I just like the word.
















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