Day 18: Over the Mountains and Through South Carolina

Like so many families, mine is spread across the East Coast. We do our best to gather in one place during the holiday season, but that is getting more difficult as time brings more change—our childhood home sold; parents living in another state; the introduction of a blessed fourth generation.

meet sweet baby laura

My husband and I are well placed, geographically speaking. Our South Carolina home is positioned half way between (1) my brothers in Virginia and Tennessee, and (2) a brother and the (great) (grand) (parents) now living in Florida. Nothing makes me happier than the chance to steal a quick visit with any or all as they fly back and forth on Interstate 26.

To my delight, it happened last night. And this rendezvous was particularly sweet because it included not only my brother Randy and his precious wife, Lisa—but also my niece, Elizabeth, and my grand niece, Laura.

My heart filled with joy when I opened their car door to greet her. Although there are two more Rigg babies on the way this Spring and Summer (yay!), Laura is the first baby in our family in many, many years. Her wide eyes and sweet, sweet smile reminded what it’s like to see the world anew every day, always on the lookout for something wonderful and fun and giggly.

How I marvel at her ability to allow curiosity to overcome fear.

What a happy present to her Great Aunt Cathy that she stopped by for a Christmas visit.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the video of Laura! I follow her faithfully through Elizabeth’s facebook – but there is nothing like seeing a video which lets her little personality shine! What a sweetie 🙂

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