Day 21: The Making of the Mulled Cider

Tonight we hosted a gathering of neighbors to discuss some…well…neighborhood things. A meeting, really, although at Christmas everything feels like a party, doesn’t it?

I spent a bit of time considering the options for food and drink. Given this date of the fourth Monday of Advent, what could be better than Mulled Cider and Christmas Cookies?

Publix made the cookies (I am a working girl, not Wonder Woman). But I did make the cider. Like this.

Pour four quarts of apple cider into a large pot over low heat.
Make a spice pack with four cinnamon sticks, four whole cloves, four whole allspice berries.
Drop the spice packet into the cider.
Thinly slice an orange or two and add the slices to the pot.
Heat, stir and enjoy, preferably in a pretty holiday mug. You'll feel warm all over!

30 Days of Joy