to love

Have you seen Black Swan? Dis-Tur-Bing. And so I was more than a little surprised last year when I woke up the morning after watching the film to see a white duck floating on the pond behind our house. That orange-billed creature was particularly conspicuous because it swam solo, unobtrusive and isolated, amidst flocks and flocks of Canada Geese. My heart ached a little as I watched. It was as if the entire Goose Kingdom were throwing a party and the little duck was not invited. Worse yet? Invited, but mocked.

This scene was repeated over and over through the winter, but eventually time passed, and the geese moved on. Not the white duck. He (she?) stayed, taking up residence here on Bickley’s pond, paddling about, hanging around, making a home.

Still I worried about it, that friendless duck.

Then the mallards arrived. And over time, the three formed a sweet little group that makes me smile every time I see them cross the lake.


To love, all kinds.

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