how i know it’s time for another 30 Days of Grace

It has been a tough couple of weeks. 

It has been a tough few months.

That’s what I spent most of the day thinking, as I drove from appointment to appointment yesterday, greatly frustrated that my long-awaited day off was being eaten alive by things I didn’t want to do, complications I hadn’t expected.

What is it with 2012? I wondered. So much difficulty for so many people I love. So many struggles. So much sorrow.

(It churned. I wallowed.) 

And then I thought:  What you need to do, Missy, is change the channel. Get back to gratitude. Look for the grace.

Live with expectancy.

It’s time for 30 Days of Grace II. Won’t you join me?

just this afternoon, in our back yard


3 thoughts on “how i know it’s time for another 30 Days of Grace

  1. Yes, I’ll join you. I’m feeling so overwhelmed and frazzled by things that are outside my control. This missy needs some grace, too!

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