2. The First Sunday

The sun rose soft—unassuming really, on this gentle Sunday morning. And by early afternoon—this first of official spring*, it glittered like a thousand stars on the surface of Bickley’s Pond.

And yet when I glanced out my big kitchen window, what caught my eye was another scene altogether. There, in the distance, along the water’s edge: the happiest lineup of sun-bathing, neck-stretching, shell-to-shell, yellow-belly turtles.

Or are they coots? In any case, I swear I could nearly hear them belting out

gonna soak up sun
gonna tell everyone

And then there, just to the right, a little deeper into the water, this.

Of course I grabbed my camera and headed to the yard for a closer look. And in a flash jumping, they jumped. Except for this guy.

(I have great respect for this one courageous turtle.)

There were countless others, just hanging back. So I stood still, quiet for the moment. And one by one, by one, they began to climb back aboard the log.

Eventually, other signs of spring caught my eye.

Like this.

And this.

And this.

It was a good day, this sunny Sunday, filled with reminders of the promises of Spring. A good time, I think, to lighten up.

30 Days of Grace II

*Daylight Savings Sunday does mark the start of Spring. So sayeth my friend Teresa Coles, who loves this day of the year better than any other. 

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