6. In Which I Question God and Nature

This is one of my favorite places on Earth:

our screen porch

This is how it looks through the prettiest and most pleasant season of the year, the time in which it would be most delightful to sit, read, eat, entertain, nap, and generally hang out there:

Why, oh why, can't pollen come in February?

The bagboy at Publix told me we’d have a shorter pollen season because we had such a mild winter. I’m not even gonna research it. I’m just gonna believe.

30 Days of Grace II

3 thoughts on “6. In Which I Question God and Nature

  1. I don’t know, Cathy. I like the relentlessness of pollen. I like how I find it under my car hood in December, a reminder of springs past and springs to come. I love to watch clouds of it blow from pine trees. Pollen says: Pay Attention! And that nothing beautiful comes on its own. I like how it quickly falls, even within an hour, and keeps covering our cars, our porches, our dogs. I like the assault of all that goodness that is spring and its promise that you really can start over. Who but God would say, “I’ll dust them all with yellow, and make them ask why.” There is a glory in pollen. Uncover your porch and sit (then cover back up again) and wonder.

    1. Anne ~ Only you could make me see glory in pollen. I will try to adjust my attitude. Thank you for your beautiful perspective!

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