12. A Song of Spring

I opened the side porch door to let my sweet dog, Little Bit, out for a morning romp. It was early, yes, but rather than the soft peach glow I expected of a rising Springtime sun, I found a world shrouded in fog.

Through the thick air I heard a single bird’s song. I could swear it was calling to me.

And so, I followed.

30 Days of Grace II

2 thoughts on “12. A Song of Spring

  1. Cathy,
    How funny. I swear the same thing. When I walk my dog, I tell my son those birds are singing just to me. He just rolls his eyes and keeps on going! I also wonder how those tiny birds make such loud beautiful music. Waking up to birds singing takes the sting out of waking up, doesn’t it?

    1. Yes! This was the first time i actually tried to track down the specific bird. And there he (she?) was! Right there, just belting it out!

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