Day 23: Feathers, Blessings and Miracles

It happened for the second time this morning. I’m standing at the kitchen window, coffee in hand (just like last time) looking toward the lake. Again I see:

Can it be?

I am out the door with my camera in such a rush I don’t even stop to put on shoes. My bare feet feel happy in the wet, cool grass, knowing it’s true, feeling the joy as I run for the water’s edge.

And sure enough, there they are, dancing on that water, waiting for me.

feathers, feathers, feathers

Fewer this time, you might think less spectacular. But not so, because I know the significance, can connect these feathers (without a second thought) to the great blessing coming my way, driving toward me this very afternoon. One last exam and she will return, the daughter I’ve missed, home to me, home for the summer.

These feathers are for me, I know, a reminder from God that He kept the promises He made in September, when my girl went away for the very first time. When my heart felt broken, when He showered this pond with white feathers to let me know I am loved, that He is there, keeping watch. That He knows. He always knows.

I smiled all the way to my liver. This is the day!

30 Days of Grace II


4 thoughts on “Day 23: Feathers, Blessings and Miracles

  1. Cathy,
    Those feathers are God’s way of telling you your nest will never be empty. He’ll keep it feathered for you.

  2. Lovely!!!!! Blessings to you & your daughter as you embark on a “new” mother-daughter relationship this summer!

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