Day 26: Little Message, Big Heart

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It came as a quiet little text message long after my busy Work Monday was over.

How did your meeting go? she asked, my co-worker, my cohort, Julie.

Sweet Jules wasn’t a part of this particular project, so she had no skin in the game. She is just a considerate friend who knows this was important to me, who knows we worked hard, pushed hard, for this one.

And so I typed back immediately, from the middle of the Publix parking lot.

It went well, I said, smiling. Exhaling, for the moment. Thank you so much for asking.

And I meant it. It was nice to have a quiet moment at the end of the hustlebustle in which I looked back, my attention drawn to the accomplishments of the day. (Too often I breeze past the victories and right onto the the onslaught—NEXT!—that I know is coming tomorrow.) And it was sweet, especially sweet, to get this thoughtful inquiry from a friend just because.

I want be more like Julie, I thought, relishing the warmth of the moment she had just created for me. I’ll put that on my list.

And then I was off to find something for dinner.

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