Day 7: Columbia

I drive across West Columbia’s 9th Street overpass each day as I make my way home from work. At the midpoint of the structure’s span there’s a magic moment that offers a most spectacular view of the Columbia skyline.

A thousand times I’ve looked to my right and thought: I should stop and take a photo. It’s so beautiful today.

I’ve never done it.

Until today, when I crossed the overpass, merged onto Jarvis Clapman, {reconsidered} then took a left on 12th to head back to 9th. I parked and made my way on foot to the center of that bridge.

The light on the clouds had changed a  bit by then, but it didn’t really matter. I was happy just to stand there a moment, suspended over the divided highway, looking toward the city I love. Looking toward Columbia.

30 Days of Fun