Day 14: Let’s go for it.

The day was overcast, again. But Colleen was here for a visit, so when 5:00 rolled around, we prepared ourselves a cocktail and headed to the screen porch for a catch-up chat.

The thunder rolled. And the rain was doing its familiar pit pit pitter patter on the roof and the patio and the pond.

It’s rained for 14 days, I said after a while. I say we go for it.

And so we did, walking across the porch, down the side yard and on to the fabulous by-the-water deck built by my husband Tim, the one yet to be christened in this ceaseless downpour summer.

Raindrops on the pond. A familiar site.
Things are looking up.
Look at that. The rain stopped!
Little Bit came, too.
So glad we came out to enjoy this view.
What a happy day!

30 Days of Fun II


2 thoughts on “Day 14: Let’s go for it.

  1. Yesterday became a pleasant surprise! Who knew we would see the sun. And I love the wine glass!

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