Day 15: Blueberry Pickin’, I and II


You around Thursday? she asked, the kind of question that—with Leslie and an enthusiastic Yes! in response—always ends well. It’s opening day for blueberries. 

(July 4th + [I’ve actually never been] blueberry pickin’ + Leslie = BIG FUN I think.)

Yeah, I say. I think I can fit that in. (insert ha ha here)

I like it already.
These people are serious.
Rows and rows (and a beautiful blue sky)
mother lode
That Leslie. She’s a professional.
My haul. Not too shabby for a beginner, I think.



And then my friend Colleen came from New Jersey for a weekend visit, and like any self-respecting hostess, I strapped a blueberry bucket around her waist (in the rain) and set her to pickin’, too.

There she is. Way down there!
Colleen. Fashionable and efficient!

Both days were fabulous, and the people at Berry Hill Farm in Lexington could not have been nicer. Looking forward to going back soon for Blueberry Picking III!

30 Days of Fun II

4 thoughts on “Day 15: Blueberry Pickin’, I and II

  1. P.S. I’ve just decided to plan my own 30 Days of Fun in August, my birth-month (and the big 4-0). It’s ok to plan, right?? Ha.

  2. Love the Evans family and that farm — grew up with their boys, and picked blueberries there as a kid with my grandfather, until he finally planted his own little patch. Blueberries were his favorite, and I made my first cobbler (for him, using their recipe) at age 12 or 13. I’ve made about 1,000 since then, mostly with/for him while he was living, and just yesterday in honor of what would have been his 94th birthday. Sweet memories!

  3. Not once, but twice. I am homord to be mentioned twice in one week, in a post by the daily grace. It is truly special to be a part of such an inspirational blog.

  4. We have many happy memories of blueberry picking in past years. Sadly this year we lost our bees, essential for a good crop, and it has rained constantly, so we have only a handful. We rejoice that your first experience was fun and fruitful. John has Blueberries every single day. Thank goodness for the growers where ever they are. Nancy

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