Day 22: the games people play

We were wildly excited at the prospect. It’s what happens, I suppose, when you make the summer transition from life to vacation.

That explains why we rushed through dessert (raspberry tarts, chocolate layer cake, peach cobbler) and made a mad dash from the gigantic dining room to High Hampton’s Big Hall.

8:45 pm

There was already a very large gathering. On every sofa, against the wood-planked walls, strewn across the floor were Moms and Dads, kids and cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents. Thankfully Aunt Colette (ever prepared) pulled from her purse the $5 needed for six swipe cards. We clustered just to the left of the BINGO barker, the excitement building.

our clan: anthony, julia, joey and aunt colette

There would be four games. Each offered a cash prize; on this night, the payout ranged from $20 for straight BINGO to $63 for BLACKOUT.

disclaimer: the photo belies the huge crowd, gathered mostly behind us

B-6! he called, and Joey and Anthony announced in unison Got it!

N-31! said the Barker. Me again! said Joey.

And on we went, game to game to game.

fierce competition

We were within one letter of the big prize in nearly every game, the group of us, each pulling for the other (and each secretly hoping to win). Then before we knew it, Day 2 of vacation came to a close and we hugged each other goodnight, promising to meet again for an extra-early breakfast before The Big Hike to the peak of Chimney Top Mountain. We headed to our rooms to read, snuggling beneath down comforters (windows open) for that page or two that leads to gentle dreams—dreams sweetened by mountain air, fresh, cool, quiet.

30 Day of Fun II