Day 30: #eekingoutsummer #roadtrip

I hereby pronounce this weekend’s #eekingoutsummer #roadtrip a grand success (and the perfect end to my 30 Days of Fun). Here’s why.

  1. We got to take our dog, Little Bit, with us.
  2. We were with friends, old and new.
  3. We spent hours and hours and hours on the beach.
  4. I overcame a fear. Thanks, T and Jay. (More about that later.)
  5. We crabbed from the pier using the classic chicken neck method. It was a blast, and the Lowcountry marsh around us was breathtaking.
  6. I wore the same pair of jean shorts three days in a row.
  7. I never took my makeup out of my suitcase.
  8. I came to dinner with wet hair.
  9. Nobody cared about #6, #7 or #8.
  10. I was reminded again and again that spending time with friends you love is a great and precious gift, grace manifested, sunshine for the soul.
the road to edisto
peach cobbler for breakfast
crabbing; classic chicken neck method
as if it couldn’t get more beautiful
to the beach
bye-bye summer!


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