Day 2: A Double Dose

I spotted it through the big kitchen window, the piece of lint caught on a branch of our Pin Oak. You can’t really tell it here, but that lint was dancing around in the wind like crazy.

lint trap

How can it possibly hang on? I wondered.

The next day, that little piece of lint was still there. Day 3, miraculously there. Day 4—wasn’t this nearly impossible, given the rain and the wind?

I ventured into the back yard to investigate. How my heart smiled when I got a little closer to find this.

wow. it’s a feather.

I made circles around that tree, shooting from every angle in the hopes of a getting good photograph. The feather was constantly in motion you see, and I was afraid my images would be blurry.

Instead, when I downloaded the photos I found this.

wow again.

Two feathers and a heart. Today’s grace, I’d say, X2.

30 Days of Grace III

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