Day 11: Shouts and Whispers


I was listening to the radio on the long drive to Florida, a marathon of goodness via Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday series. There was so much to love in every single conversation. But then Iyanla said this, and it cut right through and took up residence in that I Know It’s True place in my heart.

God whispers to us in our pleasure,

speaks in our conscience,

but shouts in our pain. 

Of course, C.S. Lewis, you are right. When I don’t hear the whispers, the voice gets louder and louder until—well, as you say, it becomes impossible to ignore. I am grateful for this powerful reminder why.


30 Days of Grace III

One thought on “Day 11: Shouts and Whispers

  1. That little voice speak the truth. Ignore it and you will soon understand why you should listen and act on it. I am grateful for that tiny voice.

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