4 thoughts on “Day 15: And then.

  1. Wise was a great place to grow up. We learned from primary,and elementary to pay our own way. As children we sold cookies, candles, hey even dish clothes to go to 4 H camp. We made it happen cause we were determined. We could do anything we set our minds to. So we did,the choices were many. Band, Swim,Sports,Acting,Chorus,Business, and don’t forget the BEAUTY meaning the people that supported us. Through High School we payed our way, bake sales , car washes, auctions. Our parents were proud! (Just glad we didn’t ask them for the fee) LOL Did I say that! Just saying!!!! Miss you J.J. Kelly!

  2. I have no idea how question marks showed up on my post above! I made smiley faces and hearts!

  3. The pictures certainly take me back home to a much simpler time. I can feel the cool mountain air as we step out on the field for a half-time show. And, how I now cherish those walks home after school and the conversations that we all so took for granted. I think we must have solved all of the worlds problems on our way home from school. Thank you so much not only tracking your roots, but keeping mine alive too. We are all truly connected.
    This quiets my soul. 🙂

    I do have a few questions? Are you related to June Carter Cash? How about Vickie…. Are Vickie’s people from this area too?

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