UPDATE!!! (or Day 27)

I’m freaking out about those bluebird eggs said my lifelong friend, Vickie, on the other end of the phone. Send me an update the moment you get home.

We both knew the danger that lurked, what with the snake and the hawk and the precarious location of the (unintended) nest. And so I headed straight down those stairs, held my breath, and looked out the big studio window.

No signs of bluebird house disturbance. (Whew.) And curiously, no Mama bird peaking out from the opening.

I stepped out onto the patio and waited. Still no sign of Mama.

She must not be on the nest I thought. I’d better go in for a look while she’s gone.

Snap snap snap went the iPhone’s camera. Then I quickly made my way back inside.

What did I find when I looked at those photos?

A miracle.


A precious, heart-filling miracle.


30 Days of Grace III

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    1. I have become a little obsessed. Perhaps hourly??? But then that might just exhaust all the critters and they might move away and leave me!

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