Day 14: Waiting

It was a quiet little line in the sermon on Sunday, one that floated lightly across the sanctuary and landed right on top of my heart.

The wait is almost over Dr. Mike said, the Christ child is coming.

The wait, it said as it settled there.

The wait? is what I really thought. When has there been a single moment of wait in this hectic holiday season? 


I remember making the pronouncement to Eliza and Tim the very day she got home from college for Christmas break. Here’s my goal, I said boldly. I am going to have everything decorated, bought, wrapped, shipped, and baked before Christmas this year. I am going to get it all done so I actually have time to sit for a quiet moment to enjoy it all.

They looked at me like I was crazy, both of them.

This year is going to be different, I said.


And so you can see why the sermon hit me in a very deep place, delivered, as it was, with miles to go and only four days until Christmas. How could I find Advent? Beautiful, gentle Advent–a time meant for watching, and yes, waiting. Where could I find that quiet space?

Well, God took care of it for me on this cold, misty Christmas Eve Eve.


the colors of Advent, on Bickley’s Pond 12.23.14


30 Days of Joy 



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  1. Wishes for you and your family blessings for a New Year of peace and health. Thanks for sharing your Daily Grace.

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