Day 18: Road trip!

Do you love a road trip like I love a road trip?

First, there’s Eliza and Little Bit in the back seat.

travelin' buddies
travelin’ buddies

Second, Tim drives.

Which means I don’t have to.

Which means I get to knit.

The whole time.

(There may also be a really good audiobook involved.)

Third, the scenery changes moment to moment.

I really love that.

(It’s the very best part of a road trip, don’t you agree?)

Which leads to another of my very favorite pastimes:

Fourth: #carwindowphotography

december sky, yes


Oh, I do love a road trip!


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6 thoughts on “Day 18: Road trip!

  1. Yes Cathy! Great idea to include your pup. Perfect. I long to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway like that some day soon. (Can’t drive anymore.)

    1. It’s been a long time since I’ve driven the Blue Ridge Parkway. I think I would NOT be able to knit but would have to focus only on #carwindowphotography! Hope you get to make that trip soon!

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