Day 1: Paddleboarding. Yes, we did.

Labor Day rolls around every year and I find myself thinking: Dagnapit! Summer’s over and I never got around to having any fun! Not this year. I’m committed to the simple act of consciously adding something to each day just for the fun of it. #30DaysOfFun. Join me!


Do you want to try Paddleboarding? she said, my sweet friend Jan, the one who takes me through a life-changing hour of Pilates twice a week, every week. We can go on the lake. We’ll do it right after workout.

And then my other dear friend (and Pilates partner), Leslie, joined right in.

It was my second time on a board and my first time (aaaahhh!!!) on big water. The Lord made His face to shine upon me, however, for it was dead calm. And gorgeous.


How hard can this be?


We paddled across. (Me a little more slowly than they.)

We looked for the eagles.

We watched for soft shell turtles.

We talked about this, that, and everything.

Then we paddled back.


Leslie makes it look easy. I make it look terrifying.


This calls for Peach Ice Cream! said Jan, and Leslie and I wholeheartedly agreed.


Yes, it's homemade.
Yes, it’s homemade.


Paddleboarding and ice cream. I’m counting that as Summer Fun X2!


30 Days of Fun III

Did you have some summer fun today? Leave details in the comments below, or better yet, send a photo to You can also post to instagram with hashtag #30DaysOfFunTDG or to my TheDailyGraceBlog Facebook page. I’d love to share it here!

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2 thoughts on “Day 1: Paddleboarding. Yes, we did.

  1. Day 2: getting off of work at 1:00…check!
    boatin, floatin, dining, fishing, sunset watching on the lake…check!

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