photo: David LaFuria


Full-on summer is here with the South Carolina temperature soaring to nearly 100 degrees most every afternoon. It’s the kind of heat you can literally see in the air: your eyes hurt, your lungs burn, your spirit feels the proverbial finish line is way over there on the other side of a giant vat of syrup.

No wonder I keep thinking about this photograph. Dear friends had come to spend the July 4th weekend with us high in the (much cooler) North Carolina mountains and Sunday morning headed to the North Toe River for sweet bit of fly fishing. David snapped this shot on their outing and was gracious enough to share it with me.

Relief. Oh, yes.

Here’s hoping the folks who landed there found just that. (Although it does feel like a long shot from the look of things.) And here’s hoping you find some, whatever it is you feel bearing down on you in this oppressive summer heat!



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2 thoughts on “Relief.

  1. My brother does have a knack for photography. I suspect he took it with his fancy I Phone…. Crop , Crop, re – center, make it look vintage. All the cool things one can do with technology.
    Thank you brother for sending me to this page. I will come back.

    Jeffrey LaFuria

    1. So happy you are here and enjoyed the post. Yes, I love David’s photograph and will someday sojourn to Relief!

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