Okay then.


You know how I love the animals around Bickley’s Pond.

All the animals.

But I do not love it when the squirrels get to the bird feeders. Tim has made an art of bird feeder placement, determining just the right position with just the right hood to stop the nonsense.

Then just last night I looked out the big window of my studio to see a squirrel plastered to the lower feeder.

How on earth???? I wondered.

Then I found out.



I watched him do it five or six times. Then I decided any creature with that much ingenuity, that much gumption, that much fearlessness deserves all the birdseed he can eat.

Carry on, my brother.




14 thoughts on “Okay then.

  1. I’m sure he’s one of the baby squirrels that was rehabbed over at Carolina Wildlife. Jay makes sure they get their Wheaties.

  2. I have some ingenious and determined squirrels at my house, too. Sometimes you just have to admire gumption. Live and let live.

    1. You really do have to cheer for him a bit, don’t you? Randy could probably help him with his form although I have to say he looks pretty good!

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