Day 28: The Nest

Now I see it every time I pull in the driveway or walk up the stairs or step out our side porch door.

(AKA a hundred thousand times a day)

A sweet, empty bird nest, perched ever so perfectly on a long thin branch of our Japanese Maple. It lifts toward the sky, that branch, with a nice view of the lake–a lovely place to build a home and lay some eggs and raise some tiny baby birds.

location, location, location

And still there is another reason this little winter scene brings me so much joy.


I never knew it was there.

Even with my focus on filling the feeders and cleaning the birdbath (for which I had to pass right under this branch), and even for my obsessive monitoring of the bluebird box outside my big studio window, and even with the excitement of chickadee babies this year, I spent the entire spring/summer season not knowing this little beauty was there.

Oh, the gifts of winter, when the leaves drop and gorgeous secrets are revealed!


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One thought on “Day 28: The Nest

  1. Perfect! It is a good thing His eye is on the bird particulars, since we can’t see the nest for the leaves.

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