30 Days of Fun

Labor Day rolls around every year and I find myself thinking: Dagnapit! Summer’s over and I never got around to having any fun!

Not this year. Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Mighty Girl, I set out to have 30 Days of Fun. And that simple act of consciously adding something to my day just for the fun of it totally changed my summer. It made me realize I’ve grown too serious and too responsible, and that sometimes the very best thing you can do is simply to lighten up.

Day 1: A Summer Dinner

Day 2: Aren’t Happy Surprises the Best?

Day 3: Sully Swims. And Swims. And Swims.

Day 4: Paddling Bickley’s Pond


Day 6:  Life in 3-D

Day 7:  The Good Life

Day 8: The Nighttime Walk

Day 9: An Unexpected Visit

Day 10: Running With Penguins

Day 11:  In The Sky

Day 12:  What I Did Next

Day 13: For Lunch

Day 14: Oprah, Friends and Sweet Goodbyes

Day 15: The Tree of Life

Day 16:  Crafting

Day 17:  Fringe

Day 18: Yawzer!

Day 19: Floating, Carefree

Day 20: Daisies!

Day 21: What A Mother Will Do

Day 22: McSweeny’s

Day 23: Mojitos, and Gertrude Stein

Day 24: A Grouper Sandwich, and Heaven

Day 25:  Running Around With Angela

Day 26: Back To School

Day 27: What I Did Not Do

Day 28: The September Issue

Day 29: In A Blue Convertible

Day 30: The Wrap


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