30 Days of Fun II


I know these two are in, without even asking.


My first 30 Days of Fun, in the summer of 2011, was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Mighty Girl. I am still grateful to Maggie Mason for the idea.

Day 1: Lost

Day 2: Finding Enrico Monetti

Day 3: I Hadn’t Tried This Before

Day 4: Good Cheer

Day 5: Pool Party!

Day 6: A Pod of Opossums

Day 7: Columbia

Day 8: Just Cause

Day 9: Peach Ice Cream? Uh…yes.

Day 10: Just for Fun

Day 11: Rain, Rain, Let’s Go Play

Day 12: Cheer Up, It’s Sully

Day 13: the best fun

Day 14: Let’s Go For It

Day 15: Blueberry Pickin’, I and II

Day 16: That Story About Kate Made Me Do It

Day 17: Purple Martins and Bomb Island

Day 18: Instead of Weeding

Day 19: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Summer

Day 20: The Unexpected

Day 21: The Lake Hike

Day 22: the games people play

Day 23: Almost Heaven

Day 24: Fly Fishing in the Blue Ridge

Day 25: Book Club Plus

Day 26: Hello Dahlia

Day 27: Friends, Martinis and Sweet Surprises

Day 28: Baby Blue

Day 29: 1974, Again

Day 30: #eekingoutsummer #roadtrip

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