30 Days of Fun III

Day 1: Paddleboarding. Yes, we did.

Day 2: Road Trip! (with a view)

Day 3: Return of the Purple Martins

Day 4: Dance of the …

Day 5: Bunco? Seriously?

Day 6: Taking the Back Roads

Day 7: Pool. Party!

Day 8: Icing on the Cake

Day 9: Wild Life

Day 10: Desperate Measures

Day 11: Lovelies!

Day 12: The Heart Ache and Joy of Mothering

Day 13: Hey Mom. Watch me!

Day 14: Just ’cause.

Day 15: I think it’s love.

Day 16: Eyes Wide Open

Day 17: Sweet Slow Summertime

Day 18: The Quiet of Still

Day 19: You Know What I’m Talking About

Day 20: The Woodpecker

Day 21: Aaahhh September

Day 22: Labor Day in Highlands

Day 23: Altogether Now

Day 24: Phone Spam

Day 25: September in New York

Day 26: Beautiful

Day 27: Oh, the air

Day 28: Apple Pickin

Day 29: Friends, Dog Walks and Safekeeping Stories

Day 30: A Turtle, A Ball and a Hearty Wrap-Up