30 Days of Grace III

Day 1: For A Song

Day 2: A Double Dose

Day 3: Warm, and Safe, and Dry

Day 4: For Love of Ash Wednesday

Day 5: Sustenance

Day 6: Falling

Day 7: What Alexandra Taught me

Day 8: The Promise

Day 9: Shoe Therapy

Day 10: Magic Moments

Day 11: Shouts and Whispers

Day 12: Cold and Rainy

Day 13: Blue Sky Yoga

Day 14: Going Home Again

Day 15: And then.

Day 16: Dusk. Rain. Eagle!

Day 17: The Fathomless Mystery of Life

Day 18: Full-on Spring!

Day 19: Expectation

Day 20: Togetherness

Day 21: The Eagle Has Landed

Day 22: Turtle Joy

Day 23: Easter Morn

Day 24: Emily’s Spirit

Day 25: Surprise, surprise. (Surprise, surprise, surprise!)

Day 26: And on this day.

Day 27: Tapestry

Day 28: Lee Smith, Ron Rash, and the Gift of the SC Book Festival

Day 29: Mockingbabe

Day 30: Maya, Maria and Grace