30 Days of Joy

What would happen if I set out to be more joyful during December, the month of the year that promises the most joy?

Day 1: Sasanquas, and the Yuletide

Day 2: Preparing a Place

Day 3: Light is Coming: #adventpicaday

Day 4: 10 Things I Learned Ringing a Salvation Army Bell at the Liquor Store

Day 5: And So December Dawns

Day 6: The Easiest Holiday Drink Ever (and a lot of Parenthesis)

Day 7: Three Wise Women

Day 8: Deck the Halls with Boughs of Pomanders

Day 9: Christmas, Asheville-Style

Day 10: Waiting and Watching, Watching and Waiting

Day 11: A Christmas Letter to Lee Smith re: My Favorite Christmas Book Which She Happened To Write

Day 12: And God Said: Watch This.

Day 13: All You Need is 20 Seconds of Insane Courage

Day 14: In Which I Beg Your Forgiveness

Day 15: A Ping of Holiday Joy

Day 16: The Lost Art of Conversation 

Day 17: Shall We Knit?

Day 18: Over the Mountains and Through South Carolina

Day 19: DIY Holiday Craft Roundup ~ 8 Favs

Day 20: My Favorite Christmas Card, Ever

Day 21: The Making of the Mulled Cider

Day 22: A Letter to My Junior English Students ~ Why We Read Poetry

Day 23: How You React When Lee Smith Reads Your Post and Writes You Back

Day 24: Cranberries, Bourbon-Style

Day 25: Looking for the Light—The Photos of Advent

Day 26: What Gifts Shall I Bring?

Day 27: The Christmas Day Polar Bear Plunge

Day 28: “It’s The Best Present I’m Giving This Year.”

Day 29: Five Excellent Books, and a DIY Project

Day 30: Promises and Resolutions


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