30 Days of Joy II

 Day 1: Keeping Watch

Day 2: When Morning Comes

Day 3: Eight Minutes

Day 4: Hello House Finch

Day 5: For Love of the Cranberry

Day 6: When Joy is Bittersweet

Day 7: Remembrance

Day 8: Now Christmas Can Begin!

Day 9: Home for the Holidays

Day 10: Keeping Watch

Day 11: Making Time

Day 12: The Annual Corporate Christmas Party

Day 13: A Room at The Inn

Day 14: Waiting

Day 15: #IAmNedd

Day 18: Road Trip!

Day 19: Secret Gardens

Day 20: Walks, Dogs and Spanish Moss

Day 21: The Very Last Day

Day 22: Beginnings

Day 23: Playing Favorites (or 6 things I learned during Christmas Break)

Day 24: in january

Day 25:  A Bit of Chit Chat

Day 26: On Dreams. And Courage.

Day 27: Sail Away

Day 28: Taking Note

Day 29: Take A Hike

Day 30: Joy Shared

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