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  1. If only I could read! You are something else Cathy Monetti!…….You make this world a much better place…….Thanks,………”FOR BEING YOU” !

  2. Yes, even when we don’t see other other for a while, you and I seem to be reading the same book! (I just finished “While Your Were Sleeping.” What are you reading now?)

  3. We, too, have many in common. I didn’t figure you for a John Irving fan, though. My friends think that (among other things) makes me weird. My college friend, Jeannie Ralston, who I’ve reconnected with thanks to her book, will be honored to be included here!

  4. I just bought Cutting for Stone but haven’t read it yet! (I did read his first book, My Own Country.) And I must add On Golden Pond to the list. You are so right.

    Thanks so much for for the rec. Send more! Send more!

  5. Because we have sooo many books and movies in common, I must recommend adding to the list
    Book: Cutting for Stone

    Movie: On Golden Pond


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