Life List

 see the Grand Canyon | rent a house on the coast of Maine | take a sabbatical | own a VW Rabbit convertible | read Look Homeward Angel  | sing in public | go whale watching | hike | learn to play the banjo | paint | learn to meditate | experience past life regression hypnosis | trust God | live in a cottage in the English countryside | have a flat in Paris | drink more champagne | go to Australia | see a psychic | write a book | do a reading from a book I’ve published | study with Lee Smith | start less, finish more | see Don Giovanni | go to the Carter Fold | get serious about writing poetry | take my kids to see the Grand Canyon | run a 5k | drink more water | take a soak in the Dead Sea | plant a bed of peonies | ride a camel | New Year’s Eve in Times Square | have facials regularly | pack lightly | dune buggy ride in Brazil | African safari, followed by lunch on the tundra with a white linen tablecloth and heavy silver candlesticks | Make boeuf bourguignon | speak French, in France | see Oprah live | be a good tennis player |  spend the night in a castle | have a weekend home in the mountains | learn to put things away | read Anna Karenina | grow corn | start a book club | enjoy cleaning house | knit a pair of socks | have an apartment in Manhattan | create a line of greeting cards | have 3 dogs | spend christmas in aspen | stop lecturing my daughter | get to know my neighbors | bartend | become a vegetarian | stay in my lane | get a haircut that can air dry and look decent |  walk on a glacier | walk across the Charles Bridge | see the men’s and women’s finals at the US Open | go to Wimbledon | go to the French Open | live where i can have coffee and look at the mountains every morning | learn to play golf | eat at Husk | watch Six Feet Under | learn to rumba | count my blessings | sell a painting | learn to play chess | and bridge | read War and Peace | Riff on something |believe God | do a smooth pilates roll up | High Tea at The Lowell with Colette | Jerusalem with Gary