What I’ve Learned

1) Miracles happen.
2) Most disagreements are really misunderstandings.
3) Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go.
4) No matter how many pairs of shoes you have, you will never have the right color, with the right heel, in the right style, for the outfit you just bought.
5) Or the right bra.
6) When you consider the happiest days of your life, chances are good you were at the beach for at least one of them.
7) The most powerful force in the universe is criticism from your mother.
8) Love never ends.
9) There are times when you just need to be kissed.
10) Friends don’t tell.
11) Sometimes, it’s harder to be a good Indian than a good chief.
12) “Dona nobis pacem” is the prettiest prayer I know.
13) You never know.