The Promise of March

And just like that, the world turned green and Spring arrived. Thank you, March, for the joy of friends, the love of family and an abundance of little fat birds–both in the studio and all around Bickley’s Pond!


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(I love to play along with Australian blogger Fat Mum Slim’s daily photo prompt on Instagram. Join me for April! You will find your Eyes Wide Open as you keep watch for possibility in the world around you–which will also open your heart!)



I had just gotten out of my car when I heard such a racket in the front yard I headed straight there. Much to my delight, this little one was making its presence known—in a rather demanding, vociferous way. No doubt (s)he felt a bit slighted, what with all my focus these last few weeks on the bluebird babies. And all the while, quite literally out my front door, this miracle was taking place.


I love those mockingbirds, you know, the ones I believe to be my guardian birds. They come to the bird feeder (where they don’t feed) each morning, just to tell me hello. They accompany me to the mailbox. And if I go for a walk through the neighborhood? They’re at the end of the driveway waiting for me just when I get back home.

But still there is a little more to the story. My sweet Aunt Nancy—mother to those three girl cousins I so adore—loves mockingbirds even more than I. She came for a visit just this week and we didn’t even know to go check on the front yard nest.


And so this is for you, Aunt Nancy, a little love note from our pond’s newest baby (and me). It is filled with the goodness your gentle spirit brings to every life you touch: love, and light, and immense grace—grace that is truly beyond measure.

Aunt Nancy, who loves the mockingbirds as much as I do