Taking the Exit

A year ago, this would not have occurred to me. Or to be more truthful, it would have occurred to me but I would have quickly brushed the thought aside with an “I really don’t have the time… .”

Things have changed in my life, mostly because I am now 50+ and I realize how fast time is passing. And also, quite frankly, because I write this blog. (Shifting your thoughts to where is the blessing? has a way of changing most everything.)

And so, after a business meeting in Greenville yesterday, I decided to stay over and meet Eliza, who drove over from Clemson, for dinner and a show. I even splurged a bit on a room at The Poinsett Hotel, adjacent to The Peace Center and the Gavin DeGraw/David Cook concert.

It was a grand night filled with good food, great music and mother/daughter conversations we don’t get to have often enough. Then all too soon, morning came and it was time for goodbye kisses and a misting rain drive back to Columbia.

All along the route I was mesmerized by the colors of fall that lined the highways. Do I love the firey red the most? Or the poplar gold? Or is it simply the surprise that for the 52nd time in my life, summer is over, and fall has come again?

I pulled off the interstate, and this is what I found.

I’m thinking I just might paint it. What a beautiful reminder that so much awaits if you simply take the exit.

Day 30: When Grace is All Around You

What better way to end our 30 Days of Grace than with a walk around the Fall garden? What a nice reminder that it’s all right there. You just have to look.



































































Thank you for being a part of my 30 Days of Grace. Your shared moments, feather finds and words of encouragement have made this more than a 30-day exercise for me—they have enriched my life and my faith. Reflections on grace will always be the foundation for this blog and I hope you will continue the journey with me.

Up next? 30 Days of Things I’ve Never Done Before. Do come along! I’d love nothing more than to walk side by side with you in your own 30 Days! Just send me a link to your blog or send me your own Never Done Before story. I’d love to feature it here.