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June Prompts

If you like the idea of a daily photo prompt, here’s the list I use via blogger FatMumSlim. You can learn more about posting and tagging here, which means you’ll be part of a fun, creative global community of folks who share their unique take on a word (and their world). So fun. And fascinating.

Here’s a look at May, in my photo a day!

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15. An Ordinary Moment

It’s just the most fun, the Photo A Day Challenge from Australian blogger fatmumslim.com. Each day you take a photo using that day’s prompt as your inspiration, then post your shot on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or your blog. Following the hashtag #fmsphotoaday, you can see the images posted by other people using the same prompt. It’s fun to see a word or phrase interpreted in so many different ways. It’s fun to see shots from around the globe. And it’s especially fun to spend the day looking at your own world in a new, more curious way.

The 15th of January was particularly interesting. Rather than looking for something yellow (#14)

or water (#11)

or starts with “t” (#8)

T-Riggs in a Tie

or circle (#13 )

I spent this day considering the ordinary moments that make up a day, a year, a life.


This was my conclusion. When you look at the ordinary moments in your life, there is quiet undertone of grace that runs throughout.

1.15.13 // Morning Commute

Raw and beautiful and constant.

Grace. Always there, even when unnoticed.


The Sunday Post That Just Can’t Wait

You may know I’ve been participating in a community photo challenge via fatmumslim on Instagram. There is a prompt each day, and you take a photograph to share via Instagram and Twitter.

Today is Sunday, February 5. That makes it Day 5: 10am. And that means at the appointed hour, my iPhone and I find ourselves in a Women’s Bible Study class at Providence Presbyterian.

I love this class. And so I sit there, paying attention to the Beth Moore study—but also (let’s be honest) keeping one eye on the clock. Waiting for 10am. Waiting to Shoot and Share.

Do you know what today’s study was about? Chapter 5 of the book of Esther: Time. And Waiting.


We considered this question in class: Why on earth did Queen Esther stall when King Xerxes asked for her request and (in the same breath) granted it? Beth reminds us of the importance of knowing:

When it’s time.

When it’s time to wait.

When it’s time to wait for someone else’s time.

When the meantime is God-time.

My iPhone clock clicked to 10:00, and I took a shot of the open Bible in my lap.

#day5 #10am #febphotoaday

Time. And timing. And God-time. Things I am pondering in my heart, thanks to a strange intersection of Esther 5, Beth Moore’s Session 5, and #febphotoaday #day5.


You can find the Beth Moore study Esther: It’s Tough Being A Woman at Lifeway.


Tomorrow starts the February Photo a Day Challenge, as launched by Australian blogger fatmumslim. I hope you will join in on the fun. It’s a great way to think differently, notice everything, and (if you want) make new friends with other people who are getting as big a kick out of the whole thing as you are.

All you have to do is take a photo every day, then share it. Complete instructions are here.

Come on along!

(for inspiration, here are some of my JANPHOTOADAY shots. Follow me on Instagram @crmonetti or twitter @cathymonetti .)

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