22. Joy at 5200 Feet

An advantage to being at this elevation is the ability to see weather coming from miles away. The temperature and conditions also happen to change every few minutes, so a glimpse into the future can be a pretty helpful consideration.

Except the weather sometimes comes from behind us. It blows in from the North, up and over the house to find us on the back deck blissfully unaware, our gazes set on the three other directions.

It’s just what happened the other day. Dear friends had just arrived for a long weekend–and along with my precious Eliza and one of her besties, Jillian–the six of us were out back to soak in the broad mountain vistas.


eliza, leslie, cathy, jillian, tim and scott–all sun and smiles


Then tiny raindrops began to fall. From nowhere. We looked around disbelieving our luck.

Then someone looked left.


above the (almost double) rainbow


It was hard to believe, a rainbow so perfect, so close you could nearly reach out and touch it. We giggled and rejoiced and stood in the rain admiring its beauty, its intensity, and the perspective of actually being above the rainbow.

And we gave thanks, each in our own way, for the promise.


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