What You Wish For

thank you, pam

Chances are one in three we’ll have winter snow in the Midlands of South Carolina, something you may remember from the brief “weather event” we experienced two weeks ago. As we never saw a flake fall in the daylight, I put out there this wish all out prayer for an odds-beating second chance:

Let’s hold out for another snowstorm this year, one that arrives in the daylight so we can actually experience the magic and wonder of the snow as it falls.

Let’s pray for a snow miracle!

To my pure delight—and with apologies to all those who experienced the brunt of the accompanying ice—it happened.

2014 winter storm #2, on bickley’s pond

My heart was giddy as I watched the snow fall. While it was no record-setter in terms of accumulation, it nevertheless brought so much of what I love about a good snow day: early morning quiet, followed by the joyful sounds of neighborhood children who collected in our front yard, anxious for a go at our sloping driveway.

It was a marvelous couple of days (for those of us with electricity). I am grateful.


waiting for leon

We went to bed Monday night with a most assured forecast for significant snow, a rarity here in the Midlands of South Carolina. Needless to say the excitement had been building for days; snow was the primary topic of conversation everywhere. Events were being cancelled right and left—Leon (when did they start naming snow storms?) would arrive around 11 am Tuesday, start as sleet/freezing rain, change to snow, then shower all afternoon, evening, and night, with a good chance for continued flurries until lunchtime on Wednesday.

Oh boy!

I made a list of all the supplies I needed to make it through the winter storm.

  • firewood (plenty on hand)
  • knitting yarn
  • birdseed
  • Gosling’s black rum and ginger beer and lime*

I got up early Tuesday and rushed around town like a woman crazed. By noon I was back home and ready—bird feeders filled, a big fire blazing, and my eyes turned toward the winter sky.

I waited. And watched. And waited. And watched. And as darkness approached, exactly no snow had fallen here on Bickley’s Pond.


I’m not casting stones at the forecasters here, may I be clear about that? I can’t imagine trying to predict the weather, even more so now that the demand is for a detailed hour-by-hour schedule days in advance. My point is merely that I looked out the window a thousand times that day, sure we were mere minutes away from that most profound and beautiful of nature’s weather tricks—snow falling, with all its soul-calming powers.


Storm Leon did eventually arrive, something I am rather sure you already know. It started long after dark, and ended long before sunrise. That means we awoke to the pretty albeit temporary scene of a white blanketed (pardon the cliche) world.

We just never saw a single flake fall.


There is a 32 percent chance of snow each year in Columbia, South Carolina, according to the State Climatology office. That means it’ll be another three years before the odds are in our favor to get more snow, the way I figure it. Therefore I’d like to put out there for anyone who wants to jump on my snow bandwagon:


(Who’s with me?)

Let’s hold out for another snowstorm this year, one that arrives in the daylight so we can actually experience the magic and wonder of the snow as it falls.

Let’s pray for a snow miracle!

*Dark and Stormy fixin’s. Details to come.